• Dec

    In a tilted trading week the first three sessions made traders with long positions on call options a happy lot. In stark contrast the last two sessions

  • Nov

    Usually in the week of derivative contracts expiry one of the four sessions tend to be extremely volatile. This happens mostly in the session in which quant

  • Nov

    For the third week in a row, traders with long positions on put options are having the upper hand in the derivative market, logging both intraday and intraweek gains.

  • Nov

    On Wednesday, when the market opened for trade and was trying to make sense of what was happening in the world, and more particularly in India, something unique was happening

  • Oct

    There is no denying that the bears have now got an edge over the bulls in the market, even though Nifty arrested Thursday’s steep fall the very next day.

  • Oct

    The Nifty was in a frame of consolidation last week but the mood of the market had a bearish slant. After a long stretch of time the

  • Oct

    As the Nifty shuddered every segment of the stock market was in shivers on Thursday. The most jittery were the traders who do algorithm-based trading and had short

  • Sep

    As the event risk got over option premium too came down a bit last week. As we approach the expiry of September series contracts volatility

  • Sep

    Last week, too, gave both bulls and bears a feeling of being the winners, but the weekly index moves show none were. The Nifty closed the week with a

  • Sep

    As intra-week volatility spiked last week, excitement was visible among traders who had been buying put options in the hope of an imminent correction. It will be interesting to