• May

    As the May series derivative contracts expire this week, both Nifty and bank Nifty are likely to witness volatile movements in overnight as well as intraday trade. After a

  • May

    There are times when the best strategy is to stay out of market and sit on the sidelines and have fun. Probably we are in that kind of situation

  • May

    Volatility is good for option traders because it triggers sharp movement in prices, which traders could exploit to make a killing in a short period of time. But last

  • May

    A large part of activity in options around the time of expiry is highly speculative. The way prices of put and call options of 8200 and 8300 moved last

  • Apr

    The April series contracts will expire this week; and this may add to the volatility both in Nifty futures and broader market. Small and conservative traders would be well

  • Apr

    After three consecutive weeks of correction and strong volatility shorts were covered last Wednesday fuelling a rise in Nifty. This rise placed the index midway through between

  • Mar

    The corrections of last three weeks have driven Nifty down close to its important medium-term support levels. In a bull run when this sort of a phenomenon pops

  • Mar

    Last week in this space we had advised traders to buy put options and covered calls in the same sector, based on the assumption that the market will remain volatile.

  • Mar

    as the possibility a strong and sustained directional move in Nifty due to event risk is over, option prices that were very high till last Friday are now likely to

  • Dec

    While the benchmark index Nifty continued to move up the pace of rise has slowed down. This points towards a possible correction in the Nifty