• Aug

    Once again, every participant in the derivative market was grimly reminded of the fact that selling out of money options for collecting small premium is one of the riskiest things to do.

  • Aug

    Option traders love volatility because it provides them with increased trading opportunities within a short period.

  • Aug

    Trading started and ended on a bullish note last week. But in the three intervening sessions between Monday and Friday, buyers of put options were on a winning streak.

  • Aug

    After a long time option traders seem to have taken leave from trading. Last week the level of activity in both call and put options was

  • Aug

    The August series of F&O contracts started on a positive note with Nifty gaining more than one per cent on Friday. The question is, did the market have this

  • Jul

    Extreme short-term traders of call and put options were once again caught on the wrong foot as Nifty moved up and down for the whole week.
    Typically, technical adjustments

  • Jul

    The July derivative series got the bulls back into action in the first two weeks as the market gathered strength to make itself almost immune to any negative news flow

  • Jul

    Over the past week, the domestic equity indices withstood the pressure of global events and performed better than most emerging markets on an intra-day basis and also on the days

  • Jul

    By the time you read this the outcome of the Greece referendum would be known. Monday’s opening of all equity markets in Asia including India will

  • Jun

    On the face of it, the June series derivative contracts ended with a marginal loss of 35 points, but the intra-series volatility was extremely high and that would have taken