Rahul targets PM on silence over scams

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday, attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his silence on the PNB bank fraud and the Rafale deal, saying that he looked forward to his "sermon" on the issues in his "Mann ki Baat" programme.

Gandhi also labelled the prime minister's programme aired on All India Radio a monologue and said the country wanted to hear him speak on billionaire diamond jeweller Nirav Modi and the Rafale "scam".

"Modi Ji, last month you ignored my suggestions for your Mann Ki Baat monologue.

"Why ask for ideas when in your heart you know what every Indian wants to hear you speak about?

"1. Nirav Modi's 22,000 Crore Loot and Scoot

"2. The 58,000 Crore RAFALE scam.

"I look forward to your sermon," he said on Twitter.

The Congress chief has targeted the prime minister over his silence on the multi-crore bank scam involving Nirav Modi, alleging that he has fled the country after protection from the "powers that be". Gandhi has also been attacking the government on the Rafale aircraft deal.

In response to the prime minister's suggestion for ideas for his January 28 'Mann ki Baat' programme, Gandhi had urged him to tell the country about India's plans on stopping rapes, getting the Chinese out of Doklam and jobs for the youth.

"Dear @narendramodi, since you've requested some ideas for your #MannKiBaat monologue, tell us about how you plan to:

"1. Get our youth JOBS

"2. Get the Chinese out of DHOKA-LAM

"3. Stop the RAPES in Haryana," Gandhi had said in an earlier tweet.

Continuing the attack during a rally in Jowai, Shillong, the Congress president described the prime minister as a “great magician” who can make even democracy ''disappear''.

''The prime minister is living up to this wonderful image of a great magician who can make thing appear and disappear at the snap of a finger. He has made many things appear and disappear effortlessly. Scamsters like Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi and Nirav Modi magically disappeared from India and reappeared in foreign lands out of the reach of Indian law. Modiji's magic can even make democracy disappear from India very soon,'' he told an election rally at Jowai in poll-bound Meghalaya, said a PTI report.

Polling for the 60-seat Meghalaya Assembly will be held on February 27. The Congress is in power in the state for three consecutive terms, and is eyeing a fourth under Chief Minister Mukul Sangma. Hitting out at the NDA government at the Centre for the ''disappearance'' of the three ''scamsters'', Gandhi said, ''With the Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi scandals we know that this is a government that not only cannot remove corruption but is actively participating in it.''