• Jul

    Cloning humans is no longer a fantasy. It is possible and is in the reach of science

  • Jul
    By Paul Krugman

    The biggest threats to Social Security in the United States these days are zombies — that is, arguments that have been debunked but keep coming back and confusing matters again and again.

  • Dec

    It was the day of the sceptics. Some of the world’s best know names were in Copenhagen though not at the Bella Center to propound their views

  • Nov
    By Kamal Narayan Omer

    Queen Amrose Ne­fertari’s housem­aid suffered fr­om a hardening of the arteries some 3,500 years ago. Less than 40-year-old Lady Rai and five of the 16 Egyptian priests and members of pharaoh courts showed atherosclerosis a few millennia before it became a disease associated with life­style, as doctors in the US and Egypt found from medical scans of ancient mummies.