Trafalgar Provides Unique Insider Experiences

Chennai, 26th Feb '13: Trafalgar, one of the world’s leading guided vacation company offering exceptional quality and value itineraries to a range of exciting destinations, provides unique "Insider Experiences". Trafalgar provides an authentic insider’s view to create truly unique travel experiences in Europe, Britain and Eastern Mediterranean, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, China, Mexico, Central and South America, USA and Canada.

With more than 65 years’ experience, Trafalgar have the local knowledge and expertise to reveal the world to it's guests as only a true insider can.

Mr. Nicholas Lim, Regional Director -Asia, Trafalgar, said, " We’re the friend you’d wish for in every destination, providing a unique insider’s perspective on the local people, places and cultures you encounter. We surprise you with hidden places only the locals know about and introduce you to the people you’d never meet if travelling on your own. We give you fascinating insights into local traditions and bring history to life in ways you simply can’t get from a guidebook."

Trafalgar's exclusive "Insider Experiences" that provide an authentic and enhanced holiday experience for the travellers are:

• Be My Guest – your exclusive invitation to dine with the locals

• Local Experts – specialists in the cultures and landscapes of the area you’re visiting

• Local Guides – passionate locals who entertain you with stories of their hometown

• Local Specialities – visits to see locals at work, learn about their craft and sample their wares

• Hidden Treasures – surprise sights and experiences revealed by your Travel Director

• Unique Insights – visits to places of unique cultural significance in a particular area

Be my Guest:

Exclusive to Trafalgar, Be My Guest dining experiences capture the true essence of a destination as only an insider can. As the guest of a local host, you’ll experience their warm hospitality and enjoy a delicious meal prepared using fresh local produce.

It's a special opportunity to savour authentic food and regional wines with locals, in ways you never could if travelling on your own. Tourists will be invited into private homes, working farms, wineries and family-run restaurants located in picturesque settings unique to the region.

Local Expert: Deeper Local Insights

Holiday memories are shaped by the people you encounter along the way, so Trafalgar makes sure tourists get to meet and mingle with the locals. It's Local Experts possess a wealth of knowledge in their particular field and love providing real insights into local traditions or natural landscapes of iconic destinations. These skilled and entertaining speakers include local storytellers, professional naturalists, botanists, geologists and historians who may join tourists during their journey.

Local Guides:

Delve deeper into the heart of a city or region with entertaining Local Guides who will join you at various destinations during your holiday. As locals to the area, they’ll share their passion for the place they grew up in and take your sightseeing experience to a whole new level, showing you specific sights in more detail.

Fascinating Local Specialities:

Local Specialities allow tourists to experience local industries first hand, so they can truly appreciate the culture of the destinations they visit. It presents great opportunities for them to learn about the processes involved in creating local products or traditional handicrafts from start to finish.

Hidden treasures:

Sometimes the most amazing sights are just around the corner, but how would you know where to look or that they were even there? With their intimate knowledge of each destination, our Travel Directors delight in revealing these exclusive Hidden Treasures to the tourists on every itinerary, uncovering a unique surprise they'd never experience travelling on their own.

Unique Insights:

An experience that takes the tourists deeper into the local social and cultural landscape than they might have expected. So, on selected programs they will visit interesting and diverse places that are unique to a particular region.

"From Europe to North America and South America to Asia, we pride ourselves on helping you capture the true essence of each destination and see the world from inside", Mr. Lim added.

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