Trafalgar aspires to woo Indian travellers

Trafalgar aspires to woo Indian travellers
Bangalore, 3 December 2012: Trafalgar,65 years old guided vacation company , organized its’ first-ever India visit from November 26 – 28, 2012 aiming to increase awareness about the brand portfolio, launch new itineraries and shares its’ future plans for the Indian market. Part of the Travel Corporation, a family owned International travel group, Trafalgar is a respected brand making global travel accessible to everyone and providing unique local experiences. Trafalgar passionately believes in the power of travel to broaden the mind and build bridges between people and culture, offering hassle free holidays to various destinations. The dedication of taking the travellers beyond the obvious sights has helped Trafalgar to grow over the past 65 years into one of the most trusted and successful international guided holiday companies in the world.

On this occasion, Trafalgar announces the release of its’ 2013 collection of European itineraries. Complete with new journeys and a number of enhancements to existing trips, it now goes beyond the run of the mill, and into themed or inspirational experiences. Named “Inspired Holidays”, the introduction of these new categories of holidays provides a local insider perspective on a specialized area of interest relating to different destinations or world changing events across Europe. These include World War I & II Battlefields, Flavours of Italy and English Country Gardens itineraries.

Speaking during the media interaction session Mr. Nicholas Lim, Regional Director – Asia, Trafalgar says, “Indians are avid travellers and are always ready to explore unique and hidden treasures instead of the usual trips. We make sure to go extra mile to bring forward all these European dream destinations along with their authentic experiences closer to our clients than ever before. In our 65 years’ of experience in guided holidays, we have revealed the world around us to millions of satisfied travellers. We want each and every of our guest to feel like a traveler, not a tourist.”

Besides these inspired holidays, Trafalgar 2013’s summer itineraries include VIP priority sightseeing at Europe’s most famous landmarks, as well as a wealth of exclusive Insider Experiences, one of which is ‘Be My Guest’. This is an experience whereby a local family host guests in their home by cooking local recipes and sharing stories of their local culture, which provides an atmosphere of camaraderie that is unique to Trafalgar and its travellers. For 2013, the First Class brochure offers more than 40 dining experiences in family homes, farms, wineries and other private venues. Providing unforgettable experiences that no other guided holiday operator offers, Trafalgar invites travelers to see the world from the inside, with a chance to be a guest and not just a tourist.

Besides the First Class programme, Trafalgar is also excited to launch the 2013 CostSaver range of holidays, which is packed with 34 cost-effective itineraries that allow travellers to book affordable vacations and relish their holiday on their own pace and own time. With an addition of 5 new trips that provide an incredible range of inclusions, the new brochure features more included meals and the use of audio headsets for all guided visits.

Prices in 2013 have also been reduced by up to 13% across the board. And just exclusively for India and the rest of the Asian markets, Trafalgar is extending a further 10% savings with its new Early Payment scheme that ends 31st January 2013. With this clients can look to save up to US$1500 per couple, and past customers can save more by pairing the Early Payment Discount with the 5% Travel Club or Group Discounts. For every iconic destination there is an insider experience waiting to be discovered.

Mr. Tony Emmerson, Travel Director-Trafalgar, adds that, “There is a story behind each destination that allow our travellers to truly get a feel for the places they visit and no one can do it better than our travel directors. They will enrich the travel experience by sharing fascinating insights, based on their specialized knowledge about the various destinations.”

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