New CEO Parekh logs in at Infosys

It was his first day at Infosys. Salil Parekh, the new CEO & MD of the company reported for work at 9.15 AM on Tuesday, according to a source.

Some thought the new leader would address employees in a town hall, while others expected an email blast with a message from the new CEO.

But what came from Parekh was a video, to all employees, in which he emphasised the importance of the company chasing digital business and all employees embracing reskilling.

“This year is off to a great start as I begin my journey as CEO of this iconic company. Excited to lead the company on its path of helping clients digitally reinvent themselves for sustained business grow-th,” Parekh said.

“This area has a great scope for each of us to put forth our best,’’ he said. “We will work together,’’ Parekh said, adding, “to accelerate our transformation. We can fulfill this role by being ready for future and reskilling ourselves,’’

Parekh said he has met a few Infoscions and has seen the work that is happening.

“Exciting to know that I get to work with all of you on achieving our vision together. It is a great experience to see amazing things being accomplished daily.

“Each of us have a role to play in this world of continuous tech disruption and we can fulfill this by being ready for the future and reskilling ourselves,’’ he urged his 2,00,000 colleagues.

We tried to check the mood at the Infosys campus. One of the comments we captured were quite realistic, candid and funny too.

Financial Chronicle asked an Infoscion, “Are you guys happy that you have a CEO after a long time? Pat came the response,  “I am worried about my pay cheque and not about the new CEO or old Sikka.’’

This was from a young techie. But  a mid-level employee at Infosys said, “I am very happy that we have a new CEO. I am sure he will take the company to new heights. Business was as usual for Infosys, even without a permanent CEO for the last many months.”