Yajurvindra Singh
Close-In: Old Wine And The New Bottle

The big day for Afghanistan cricket will be on June 14. They will play India in their inaugural cricket match in Bengaluru.

Sandeep Bamzai

I am still the master of my fate and destiny, this is my last shot at redemption. Equally, fear is an infectious condition, there is no latitude for misunderstanding or error.

Ranjan Das
Drunk on Eastwood?

Recently a Facebook post depicted a cartoon which showed an elderly man telling a friend, “My son’s going to a Rolling Stones concert.

Zehra Naqvi
Even small groups change the world

In the year 1998, a spray-painted fist on the walls of a city set in motion a revolution that overthrew a despotic regime. The Otpor!

Bubbles Sabharwal
Passion and Purpose: What it takes to become an actor

When an actor acts because he loves it, when he loses himself in his role, that’s passion playing out. Like the rain is in the raining, the actor lives fullest through his acting.

Sangeetha G.
Gold prices to gain momentum after Fed’s policy meeting

Gold prices are expected to move up post the US Federal Reserve’s policy meeting next week.

Sangeetha G.
Industry worried as De Beers’ forays into synthetic diamonds

The Indian diamond industry is worried about De Beers’ foray into synthetic diamond business with the launch of Lightbox Jewellery.

Falaknaaz Syed
10-year bond yield closes near 8% mark, highest in three years

India's 10-year benchmark bond yield closed near the 8 per cent mark, its highest in three years on Thursday after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) increased the policy repo rate by 25 basis points

Michael Gonsalves
Acute summer hits 91 major reservoirs

Even as the Himachal Pradesh government devises a strategy to prevent last week’s infamous Shimla water crisis, an acute summer this year has dried up 91 major reservoirs across the country to belo

Michael Gonsalves
Shimla water shortage foretells India crisis story

Shimla, a popular hill station retreat in northern India, reeling under a severe water crisis, has also revealed depleting reservoir levels of 91 major dams across the country, indicating perilous