Sangeetha G.
High levels of volatility seen in guar counter

High level of volatility was seen in the guar counter in the past 7-8 mo­nths.

Ritwik Mukherjee
Rubber MSMEs demand review of dumping duty

The micro, small & medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the domestic rubber industry are up in arms against the government.

Rajiv Nagpal
See-saw moves may remain

After many weeks of correction, the market got a reprieve last week, along with signs of convergence between the main market and mid-cap stocks, as the former moved up and the latter stopped fallin

Rajiv Nagpal
Straddles to the aid in range-bound market

As the market moves in a range-bound mode and generates expectations of sharp counter moves on the second day, traders are advised not to sell out-of-the-money options to collect small premiums.

Kuruvilla Pandikattu
Atheism as another religion

The bestselling atheist author Richard Dawkins sent out a tweet warning those who might be rejoicing at the “death throes” of Christianity in Europe to remind them that “something worse” might be t

Michael Gonsalves
Creating a better, harmonious world

Harmony Foundation, set up in 2005 in India’s commercial capital of Mumbai, has been promoting communal harmony among communities and castes, irrespective of religion, creed, and gender.

M S Swaminathan
World Peace, Hope, Et Al

AS A past president of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, I am extremely happy that the US president Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un have agreed to ensure the ab

Sangeetha G.
US, Canada bound students have to take maternity, mental illness, drug addiction cover

Students who are keen on studying in the US and Canada have to buy travel insurance policies that will include maternity and baby cover and riders covering mental illnesses and alcoholic disorders.

Nirbhay Kumar
Private airport developers ask for cheaper loans at easier terms

Private airport operators are pitching for long-term loans on easier terms.

DC Pathak
Security demands quick follow up

In matters of national security it is conceptually acknowledged that total Intelligence is difficult to come by on any threat, even fifty per cent of it is considered a professional success, which