Urs Schöttli

Urs Schöttli
Far East Correspondent, Neue Zurcher Zeitung (Swiss daily)
My Stories
  • Oct 09 2014, 2134

    Faster than expected the demonstrations in Hong Kong have run their course without any substantial concession to the protesters. Initially there was a lot of enthusiasm amongst the

  • Sep 25 2014, 2053

    Xi Jinping the president of the People’s Republic of China holds three important positions. Apart from being the formal head of state he is secretary general

  • Sep 11 2014, 2121

    The 19th and 20th centuries were very unkind to China. Through its own faults and through imperialistic designs of several European powers and of Japan the Middle Kingdom

  • Aug 28 2014, 2042

    From Beijing to Jakarta, from Manila to Tokyo, east Asian governments worry about the escalating turmoil in West Asia, notably the descent of Iraq, Syria and Libya to failed states

  • Aug 14 2014, 2141

    A Japanese acquaintance who is in charge of India in his company, recently raised the issue of the future of English in India. He was concerned that particularly in

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