Urs Schöttli

Urs Schöttli
Far East Correspondent, Neue Zurcher Zeitung (Swiss daily)
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  • Aug 14 2014, 2141

    A Japanese acquaintance who is in charge of India in his company, recently raised the issue of the future of English in India. He was concerned that particularly in

  • Jul 31 2014, 2012

    I have spent the past few months in India witnessing the change in government. The expectations in India and in the whole of Asia are high that the new

  • Jul 17 2014, 2054

    The economic record of China’s modernisation has been remarkable. Rightly the world has been very impressed by what the People’s Republic has achieved within less than a generation

  • Jul 03 2014, 2111

    In the late 15th century the Portuguese were the first European power to establish a presence in Asia. Once Vasco da Gama had traced the sealanes to India

  • Jun 19 2014, 2025

    It is a very wise decision of India’s prime minister Narendra Modi to make Japan the destination of his second trip abroad after he had assumed the leadership of the

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