Urs Schöttli

Urs Schöttli
Far East Correspondent, Neue Zurcher Zeitung (Swiss daily)
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  • Jul 17 2014, 2054

    The economic record of China’s modernisation has been remarkable. Rightly the world has been very impressed by what the People’s Republic has achieved within less than a generation

  • Jul 03 2014, 2111

    In the late 15th century the Portuguese were the first European power to establish a presence in Asia. Once Vasco da Gama had traced the sealanes to India

  • Jun 19 2014, 2025

    It is a very wise decision of India’s prime minister Narendra Modi to make Japan the destination of his second trip abroad after he had assumed the leadership of the

  • Jun 05 2014, 2035

    During the past five years most news coming out of India had been negative. Most political and economic decision makers in east Asia had given up on India

  • May 22 2014, 2055

    The monumental Indian general elections were followed with great interest in east Asia. Now that the results are out and India has a government with a solid majority

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