Shona Adhikari

We enter through the famous Buland Darwaza or ‘Gate of Magnificence’—said to be the highest gateway in Asia—into the courtyard of a magnificent mosque, the Jama Masjid.  Also in the courtyard

Shubha Singh
Diplomatic Enclave: New Challanges

The Chinese navy has been spreading its sails in distant seas, causing unease in new places.

DC Pathak
Spy’s eye: Kashmir's new ambiguities

It is a matter of concern but no surprise that the separatists in Kashmir as also the pro-Pak peaceniks have manoeuvred to build a narrative of ‘soft treatment of kids’ around the organised mischie

Gautam Datt
Newsmaker: Hungry to win

The victory in Karnataka is not only another jewel in the Prime Minister’s crown but also a personal milestone for BJP president Amit Shah who has grown out of the image of being Narendra Modi’s cl

Yajurvindra Singh
Close-in: All’s not well

Cricket in India is flourishing and showcasing that everything is sailing smoothly and well.

Ranjan Das
ScreenSavour: Dialoguebaazi

Time was, in Indian mainstream cinema, when a script was just an excuse for a film.

Payal Dhar
Gizmo Geek: The Art of Sound

There is a certain sameness to high-end audio systems in terms of aesthetics.

Ananda Majumdar
Ruminations: Unity on artificial turf

The success of the Mahagathbandhan in Bihar in 2015 appears to have become some sort of a template for political unity.

Sandeep Bamzai

When your eyes are focused on the King in a game of chess, you shouldn't necessarily worry about pawn sacrifice.

Falaknaaz Syed
Looking beyond the volatility

Ajit Ranade, chief economist at Aditya Birla Group says the rupee was over valued according to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and “needed to fall a bit”. Hence, some depreciation was expected.