Shona Adhikari
Pune’s Blue Nile

I was on a short visit to Pune recently, when I bumped into Nusrat, an old friend who lived in Mumbai and was in Pune for just two days.  Since both of us were rushed for time, we decided to m

Gautam Gupta
Israel PM speaks of hard power, praises India on ease of doing biz

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making all the right noises during his India visit.

Zehra Naqvi
Stories of grief must be told

An elderly man once told me, never display your sufferings before the world.

Sangeetha G.
Omni-channel is the way forward

More than FDI (foreign direct investment) in single brand retail, omni-channel will trigger growth in the organised retail.

Subhash Narayan
IOC braces for a green future

Wary of being left behind in the emerging energy market, which will rely on renewable sources of energy that are cleaner, safer and inexhaustible, Indian Oil Corporation has drawn up big plans for

Ritwik Mukherjee
Modi’s successful seaplane may go to Mamata now

The seaplane, as a symbol of political success, could move from Gujarat to Bengal.

Michael Gonsalves
The new Audi Q5 is fun to drive

Audi, India’s third luxury car maker by sales, replaces its best-selling sports utility vehicle or SUV Q5, but does the more sophisticated all-new second generation Q5 make it a more compelling opt

Ravi Ranjan Prasad
Budget pointers

Market participants have a diverse set of expectations from the upcoming Union Budget, largely in tune with their wish lists presented to the finance ministry.

Ritwik Mukherjee
Come February

Call it bearing the brunt of economic reforms or any other name you choose.

Rajgopal Nidamboor
The moral glue of our conscience

There are just a handful of people who are contented in our world. Their motto is to simply exist, not really live, beget progeny and pass into emptiness quietly without fanfare.