Kriti Jain
RISKFACTOR: You’ve got headache

Suppose you got back home after a hard day of work in office and just when you were heading off to sleep, you received an email from your team member at 11 pm informing everyone about his work upda

Payal Dhar
Gizmo Geek: Extravagant Gadgets

If you want to spend your hard-earned millions on mouse made of gold and inlaid with diamonds, a one-of- a-kind handcrafted Pokémon watch or a $300,000 high-tech dog kennel, who are we to judge?

Yajurvindra Singh
Close-In: Test of time

Almost 140 years since it origin, the conventional form of “Test cricket” is losing its lustre rapidly.

DC Pathak
Spy’s eye: ‘Act East’ in play

The 15th ASEAN summit at Manila marks a significant advance of India's 'Act East' approach that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced in December 2015 as a more meaningful version of the earli

Ranjan Das
Screen Savour: Books wide shut

A young man finds out that his father whom he had presumed dead all these years is still alive, serving life on charges of allegedly killing a sex worker 15 years ago.

Ananda Majumdar
Ruminations: Conflict over history and tradition

Over a quarter century ag­o, a trip to Bikaner revealed that it was famous fo­r its rasgullas, neither Ro­­sogolla, as the Bengalis would have it, nor Rasogola as in Odisha. It was just Rasgulla.

Shubha Singh
Diplomatic Enclave: Political dynamics

US President Donald Trump’s grand Asian tour and the APEC and ASEAN summits showed the changing political dynamics in the region, which was repeatedly described as the Indo-Pacific by him during hi

Falaknaaz Syed
Rupee, bond rally

India’s first rating upgrade in nearly 14 years by Moody’s Investor Service is likely to be positive for both bond and the currency market.

Ananda Majumdar
Newsmaker: Judge as crusader

The lines merge between his role as head of the National Green Tribunal disposing of cases and being an environmental evangelist, directing governments on policy issues.

Sandeep Bamzai
Kashmir Files: Never the twain shall meet

The attenuated and gossamer thin peace that existed after a truce was declared by the United Nations to the 14-month-long hostilities between India and Pakistan on January 1 did not signal the end