Zehra Naqvi
My Stories
The music all around us The din around us is deafening. We live in a world full of thousands of sounds, a chaotic medley of every strain imaginable.
Dehumanise your enemy and be a hero Every concerned parent hopes to provide wholesome entertainment for pre-school kids, which beco­mes quite a task in times when blood-splattered video games and obnoxious cartoon characters are the nor
Mirror of perception The world often appears as a mirror of what you are inside.
Faces are mirrors of our hearts Ever looked closely at the differences in faces as they grow older? Not just the wrinkles and the laugh li­nes, beyond the sagging skin and sinking eyes.
Like it or not, family is the backbone of society Relationships. The word is fraught with complexity.
Forgetting helps you learn the new If we remembered everything we should on most occasions be as ill off as if we remembered nothing. — William James

Truth is stranger than fiction Truth is inexorably stra­nger than fiction. And so is the human mind. The more things we find out about it, the more we wonder.
The effects of togetherness Would you like a piece of chocolate better if your friends and colle­agues liked it too?
What’s in a browser anyway? Did you ever imagine that your browser preferenc­es could decide whether you’d stay longer in your job or be more innovative in it?
The rose that wouldn’t wither Fresh, blooming roses gi­lded in gold and frozen in permanence are all the rage in luxury romance gifting at the moment.