Zehra Naqvi
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The ubiquitous generation gap Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” It might be sacrilege to contradict Tolstoy—especially one of his most famous opening lines, but I’ll just be the heretic
Any sacred act must elevate humanity Come the month of Ramzan, and everyone starts discussing what fasting is all about. Media houses run special programmes and brands create advertisements around the spirit of the month.
The epidemic of the victim complex Samanth Subramanian, senior journalist and author of the award-winning book Following Fish, was asked an intriguing question at the launch of his book This Divided Island in 2014: how long do you have
Mindful meditation in everyday life Amid the vast multitude of tasks and huge amounts of information vying for our attention in the present moment, what suffers most is mental wellbeing.
One idea at a time, please Here’s an interesting anecdote from Warren Buffet’s life. Buffet’s personal airline pilot Mike Flint once asked for some advice on how to prioritise the activities which would help his career.
Ghosts of disasters yet-to-­come Ebenezor Scrooge, the unforgettable miser from Charles Dickens’s classic A Christmas Carol, was haunted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve — the ghosts of Christmases past, present and yet-to-come.
The secrets hidden in colours Are you paying attention to the colours around you? The world in all its multi-hued brilliance goes unnoticed, unappreciated as we race from dawn to dusk.
How to lower your anxiety Emotional states of a person have a direct connection with his or her mental wellbeing.
Interconnectedness of every life form Human hubris makes us imagine ourselves as masters of the world, disregarding the other, non-human life forms that the universe teems with.
Unfamiliarity breeds contempt You’ve probably heard the phrase many times before — familiarity breeds contempt. But today we’ll invert this idea and talk about how, very often unfamiliarity breeds contempt.