Zehra Naqvi
My Stories
What imperfections in nature teach man Each one of us has faced a time when we have been ridden with self-doubt and felt like an utter failure.
Why have cameras overwhelmed us? That our lives have become increasingly mechanised and ‘techified’ is no big secret. Yes, we all accept that we are so caught up in ‘the net’ that it seems impossible to come out now.
We must overcome the fear of death It is the biggest irony that the only thing that’s certain about life is death.
Why is beauty still an elusive ideal? Esther Honig, freelance journalist in the US, created a unique project on beauty, called Before and After.
Can we ever make peace with peace? The pursuit of peace seems to be one of the core pursuits of an individual’s life.
Recognising our life before death is vital Death makes life so much more important. Countless geniuses were recognised after they died, their works gaining fame and acclaim too late to be of any benefit to them.