Zehra Naqvi
My Stories
Valuing agression over intelligence Darwin’s theory just got a new twist. We’ve all heard of the ‘survival of the fittest’ which has led to the very popular concept of ‘adapt to survive’ — be it in professional or personal contexts.
Should you always listen to your heart? Is righteousness a form of ego? A quote by Osho, the zen master, intriguingly refers to ‘character’ as a ‘tomb’.
How can we escape gender stereotypes? There’s a little bit of man in every woman, and a little bit of woman in every man.
Rememberance and forgetting are crucial Memories are so vital to our lives that they can be easily termed as the ‘sixth sense’.
How smells evoke strong memories Remember that time when a passing fragrance transported you to the days of your first love? Or when the aroma of a special dish brought back the joys of childhood?
Why creative pursuits make for vibrant lives A happy life is a life lived fully; or at least one that’s perceived to be lived fully.
Feminism in the modern context Talking of gender equality isn’t politically incorrect anymore. No one wants to come across as a sexist or misogynist.
Fading empathy in the modern world The episode of a man being mauled to death by a white tiger in the Delhi zoo hit headlines all over the country recently.
A de-cluttered mind is focused and peaceful A significant portion of our lives is spent in acquiring things, and in trying to earn more money to acquire yet more things.
Faith, logic and the question of eternity Reason and faith are usually considered at right angles to each other; compromising by existing as parallel lines.