Zehra Naqvi
My Stories
The frog that got boiled One among many famous animal examples that illustrate a point is the boiling frog story. Put a frog in a container of cold water and heat it very gradually.
Memories that trigger in our brain Remember that time when a passing fragrance transported you to the days of your first love? Or the aroma of a special dish that brought back the joys of childhood?
Master the mind through daily chores The mind is the master of the universe. Thoughts originating in the tiny space of the human brain have led to revolutions across the world; it is the mind that sets the pace of change.
Exercise gets creative juices flowing Ever known that feeling of being sluggish and drowsy, of your mind refusing to get up and start running? When you feel mentally barricaded, ideas and creativity pushed to a dead end?
The ‘us and them’ discrimination The process of evolution is a never-ending phenomenon.
Make it simple but don’t oversimplify The simplest answer to a problem is usually the correct one.
In the beginning was the word This day last week, this column discussed the vitality of language in the furthering of civilisation, and the evolution of languages alongside human evolution.
Language is a life force Language is a vibrant life force that connects people and minds, providing a channel, a living medium for ideas to float upon and flourish.
If you bend, you won’t break There’s an ancient exercise about a green, supple new branch and a brown, strong one: take the two of them one by one and try to bend each.
Why lie, not like, drives Facebook So much has been written about how social media and online networks are insidiously destroying our real social lives and making technology addicts of us all.