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Diplomatic Enclave: Shaken American dream The American Dream has been shaken.
Diplomatic Enclave: A strategic dialogue The past year was not a good for India-China relations as sharp differences cropped up and acrimony entered the discourse.
Diplomatic enclave: Strengthening ties Last year in September, when India decided to withdraw from the Saarc summit that was scheduled to take place in Pakistan, Bangladesh also decided to skip the summit followed by Sri Lanka.
Diplomatic enclave: Changing relations

US President Donald Trump had jolted the Chinese leadership by accepting a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and inviting her to visit Washington.

Diplomatic enclave: Softening acrimony The hour-long conversation between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin could mean the beginnings of a thaw in US-Russia relations.
Diplomatic enclave: Tumultuous presidency The two weeks of US President Donald Trump’s tumultuous presidency has brushed several of America’s allies and left them shaken.
Diplomatic enclave: On fast track India and UAE ties have been moving at a fast track in the past couple of years.
Diplomatic enclave: Protectionism & globalisation As the West turns increasingly inward looking with Brexit and the new US President Donald Trump’s America first stance, it is the Asian powers that are rooting for globalisation.
Diplomatic enclave: Matter of concern Outgoing US President Barack Obama was probably the most admired President outside America.
Diplomatic enclave: Interesting ties Indian foreign policy is expected to face a challenging year.