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Diplomatic Enclave: Strategic Partnership

Regular summits between leaders help to build up the momentum in bilateral relations.

Diplomatic Enclave: Iceberg of misinformation

India and Myanmar have had a friendly working relationship ever since the mid-1990s when New Delhi began a quiet engagement with the military regime in the country.

Diplomatic Enclave: Controlled crisis

The 10-week long face-off at Doklam ended with mutual disengagement by Indian and Chinese troops and an expression of relief from the Bhutan government at the peaceful and amicable resolution.

Diplomatic Enclave: Nepal’s new purpose

Nepal prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba’s five day visit to India is part of the stepped up exchange of high level visits between India and Nepal in the past two years.

Diplomatic Enclave: Expediency of India-Iran ties

Minister of road transport, highways and shipping, Nitin Gadkari’s visit to Tehran to attend the inauguration of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s second term in office on August 5 was a timely vi

Diplomatic Enclave: Missile might

The North Korean long-range ballistic missile tests in July have shaken the American establishment. North Korea has shown that it has nuclear and missile capability that can hit American mainland.

Diplomatic Enclave: Abducted Indians

India has a 25 million strong diaspora spread over all regions of the world, but it is the seven million Indian expatriates living in the West Asian region that most often draw the Indian governmen

Diplomatic Enclave: Chinese Move

China dispatched ships carrying military personnel to officially set up its first overseas base in Djibouti, the small East African country on the Horn of Africa earlier this month.

Diplomatic Enclave: FACE OFF Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi shook hands at the sidelines of a meeting of BRICS leaders in Hamburg during a G-20 summit.
Diplomatic Enclave: Blossoming ties Israel has wooed India for decades, willing to move at any pace decided by the government in New Delhi. India has progressed in small, incremental steps in building ties with Tel Aviv.