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Diplomatic Enclave: Hot contest

Top positions at United Nations bodies are often hotly contested; right from UN secretary general’s post to slots on different UN committees as governments pull out all stops to get their nominees

Diplomatic Enclave: Political dynamics

US President Donald Trump’s grand Asian tour and the APEC and ASEAN summits showed the changing political dynamics in the region, which was repeatedly described as the Indo-Pacific by him during hi

Diplomatic Enclave: Quadrilateral Dialogue

The idea of a grouping of India, the US, Japan and Australia has been around for some time, but was unable to take off as Australia and later India had second thoughts on the proposal.

Diplomatic Enclave: On a steady upswing

Bangladesh holds a premier position in India’s neighbourhood first policy as it heads the list of friendly neighbours after Bhutan.

Diplomatic Enclave: Oscillating ties

US-Pakistan ties have tended to oscillate at frequent intervals, but their disagreements have never lasted for too long or seriously battered the relationship.

Diplomatic Enclave: Political turnarounds

Nepal’s politics has a pattern of shifting alliances but the political turnarounds of the recent weeks have converted the forthcoming provincial and federal elections into a battle between two shar

Diplomatic Enclave: Starting a new chapter

The Dokhlam crisis ended a month ago with Indian and Chinese troops disengaging from their confrontation, but the ripples have not died down.

Diplomatic Enclave: The Afghan Angle

America’s new Afghanistan policy was unveiled over a month ago by US president Donald Trump, dubbed as strategy for “Afghanistan and South Asia.” It directed a new offensive in Afghanistan with inc

Diplomatic Enclave: A Grave crisis

The Rohingya crisis has brought the issue of refugees to the centrestage in several countries in the region.

Diplomatic Enclave: Strategic Partnership

Regular summits between leaders help to build up the momentum in bilateral relations.