Shona Adhikari
The writer is an author and a former art gallery owner
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Chotubhai Bollywood Dresswala

You may well ask, “how on earth did you get to meet a Bollywood Dresswala?

Gokarna—Sacred Shrines & Exotic Beaches

With its exotic beaches and sacred shrines, as a tourist getaway, Gokarna has been discovered rather recently.

Burmese Delight

The very first time that I tasted the unique Burmese speciality ‘Khau Suey’, was when Bibi my talented niece offered me a bowl of what looked like soup, almost 25 years ago.

To Ooty by Toy Train

Among the most enjoyable ways to reach Ooty, the southern hill station in the Nilgiris, is by the famous Toy Train.  The breeze becomes cooler as the train chugs along slowly on its narrow gau


We enter through the famous Buland Darwaza or ‘Gate of Magnificence’—said to be the highest gateway in Asia—into the courtyard of a magnificent mosque, the Jama Masjid.  Also in the courtyard

Mount Abu - Rajasthan’s only Summer Resort

Mount Abu located on the Aravali Hills at a height of 1220 metres, is one of India’s busiest hill stations throughout the year.

Kangana’s First Look at Cannes

In recent years, the famous India Film Institute in Pune — responsible for nurturing so many of India’s most famous stars — has been under a rather dark cloud.


Ladakh, a repository of cultural and religious influences from mainland India, Tibet and Central Asia,  has often been referred to as ‘the roof of the world’.

The Allure of Glass

India’s premier city for glass is Firozabad in UP. While admiring a really splendid chandelier, I had innocently asked if it was imported from Belgium, or some other European city.

Life & Style: Mowgli Learns the Viennese Waltz

A recenT visit to Jodhpur, found me staying in the same room that I had occupied way back in 1994.