Shona Adhikari
The writer is an author and a former art gallery owner
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A Last Glimpse

Actor Tom Alter, who  passed away at the comparatively young age of 67 on September 29 in Mumbai, left behind a huge number of grieving fans, who can now see their favourite actor in one more

When the Tiger roared in Bangalore

The roar of the Tiger of Mysore, died down more than  268 years ago, with the advent of the British in 1799,  but  despite all the hullabaloo about celebrating November 10th as Tipu


One of the most important must-do activities in Mumbai, is a visit to the city’s famous Irani cafes.

Bringing Independent Cinema To The Mountains

The 6th Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF) was on again!

Royal Repast at Rajmahal

Do you want to visit a place steeped in history that very few have seen? If the answer is yes, then please do consider visiting the town of Rajmahal in Jharkhand.

Mastani & Bajirao I - A love story

Romance rules the world they say, and in all the dynasties that have ruled across the world, there is usually a secret and hidden story of passion that cannot fail to enthrall us.

Calcutta Biryani Reigns Supreme

The news is out. It was biryani that ruled the roost during the festive season in Kolkata, beating all other cuisines both Indian and foreign.

The Dyes and Prints of Pipar

It is said that India’s knowledge of extracting colour from the green leaves of the indigo plant, dates back to the Indus valley civilization.

India’s First Planned City—Jaipur

Most of India’s ancient cities have just grown without any plans, however there is one city that was planned to the very last stone.

The Cuisine of Karnataka

My own encounter with the cuisine of Karnataka, was interesting to say the least.