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Freedom Files: Delaying The Inevitable

Mountbatten’s talk to the Chamber of Princes was infernal as he outlined the way forward. The British would no longer protect or patronise them; independence was a chimera.


Illusion of a free will is as dangerous as its actual suspension, for surreal as the dream is, a noxious chimera, a world of make belief; it leads to a comfort zone which requires instant tearing d

Freedom Files: An Untenable Situation

Fear is an infectious condition, it is very much like a machine, it doesn’t stop enveloping and brutalising your psyche till you pull the plug.

Cut & Thrust: Beware the ides of March

The game is truly afoot now.

DISEQUILIBRIUM: Live dangerously

The razor’s edge effect. That is what imperiled equity traders must be thinking of as they sally forth daily in an uncertain market.

Kashmir Files: Glamour Scoundrel's Trumpet Boy Who Foxed Jinnah

Out of tyranny is born rebellion which when taken to its logical culmination results in freedom.

Disequilibrium: Jingoist General’s Needless Diatribe

“The time has come for India to shift focus to its northern border. The country is capable of handling China’s assertiveness. China is a powerful country but we are not a weak nation.”


Distraught that nothing is working, one is overcome with despondency.

Cut & Thrust: Zero sum game

Sometimes, it is not worthwhile going down a dark alley.

Cut & Thrust: Banking’s alphabet soup

My head these last few days is spinning with the onslaught of the alphabet soup. Truth, it is said, has a mind of its own and it always manages to emerge from the cracks and be heard.