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Wolf in the hen house will not be an exaggeration, for a concerted drive to clean up India's twin balance sheet mess is ongoing.

Freedom Files: Communalism, Communism & other fissures

Sheikh Abdullah consistently maintained that Maharaja Hari Singh was consorting with communalists and some of his key associates and advisers were responsible for the massacre of Muslims in the Jam

Disequilibrium: Prisoner of the voter

Driven by her European sensibilities, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi created a welfare economics model which while fiscally flawed cannot be begrudged for it tried an all inclusive approach to target

Freedom Files: END OF AN ERA

Sarvodaya leader Jayaprakash Narayan met Sheikh Abdullah several times during his incarceration at Kodaikanal since May 1965.

Disequilibrium: Good money after bad

Sometimes it makes sense to feed the pigeons to the cats. At least this is the government’s thinking.

View From London: Easy laws have come back to bite Europe

Islamophobia and Muslim bashing have returned to centre stage becoming hot button with the US Supreme Court validating the Trump presidential decree on keeping Muslims from five specific nations ou


All this while we have dealt with the happenings in India pre and post-accession of Kashmir, with the erstwhile princely state of Kashmir as the centrifugal force driving the agenda of the hate bet

Freedom Files: Power Play

Circa 1950 was as momentous a year in Kashmir’s chequered history as any other. On May 1, 1950, Sadar-i-Riyasat Karan Singh issued a proclamation convoking a Constituent Assembly.

Freedom Files: A BRIDGE TOO FAR

After the signing of the Delhi Agreement in 1952 (see Box), it was felt that an early decision should be taken for the implementation of those parts of the accord which had so far not been brought