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Disequilibrium: Long Shadow Over Shadow Bank

What happens when the unequivocal recitation of truth birthed by avarice, human fragility and error becomes a festering sore.

Disequilibrium: Ninjas bung in a monkey wrench

In the 1990s in UTI, greed and avarice entered the calculus, a few decisions taken by the management became the genesis of the problems faced by a drowning US-64.

Freedom Files: Troika That Brought Princes To Heel

The Holy Trinity — Lord Mountbatten, last Viceroy of British India, Congress heavy hitters Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel — that subjugated the defiant Indian Princes who refused to come to heel

Cut & Thrust: RUPEE ROUT sends distress signals

It is a question bothering everyone – why is India unable to defend the rupee despite having $400 billion in foreign exchange reserves?

Disequilibrium: Modi Veers Towards Political Solution

Aconcerned prime minister Narendra Modi is working on fixing what is completely broke.

Freedom Files: THE NAYSAYERS

It is not that the Princes were always the vilified villains. And nor were all of them debauched despots and tyrants.


I first met Shivinder Mohan Singh when at HT we broke the Rajan Nanda owned Escorts Hospital sale to Fortis for Rs 600 crore and change.

Cut & Thrust: Malik mystique in Kashmir

Most people are curious as to why Satya Pal Malik has been sent to J&K as governor at this crucial time. The general reaction being Malik, who?

Disequilibrium: LOTTO 2019

The grammar of Indian electoral politics is steeped in unpredictability; the 2019 hustings is a face off between polarising Hindu dominance and a rag tag bobtail outfit comprising oppos

Disequilibrium: Hindu chauvinism Meets khichdi headlong

In 2014, after the Congress debacle which resulted in their worst ever performance in a Lok Sabha poll, the party was at its wits end thinking that the world had taken a turn for the surreal.