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Cut & Thrust: Cut to the chase, please?

Father versus son, ex finance minister versus current finance minister, interspersed with broadsides at the PM and the party president, the sub text was replete with toxicity, drama and irony.

Freedom Files: The Game of Death

The currency in any war is information and if you don’t have access to it, you are quickly off the grid.


Every day one wakes up to stories about Rohingyas (Rohingya is a political movement that started in the 1950s to create "an autonomous Muslim zone" in Rakhine); it makes you wonder as to the exact

DISEQUILIBRIUM: The sag is back

From the seductive voice that whispered mellifluously that we are the fastest growing economy in the world to a rapidly decelerating one which requires to be pump primed with a stimulus.


From Udaipur to Gwalior……. under Nehru’s Leadership

DISEQUILIBRIUM: The road to success

Even while we were celebrating a second successive monsoon, we have been blindsided by the possibility of a late drought striking large swathes of India — as many as 235 districts (government has b

Freedom Files: Luring the wolf with the hen

People don't change, times do for the past holds no sway over the future. This could not be truer for Indian Princes who were caught in a time warp.


Audrey Kurth Cronin has argued that “blogs are today’s revolutionary pamphlets, websites are the new dailies, and list services are today’s broadsides” The slithery cold pipes of the internet have

Cut & Thrust: Fear Factor

It is an unmitigated disaster. Inexplicably, nobody has an answer to this riddle.

Cut & Thrust: The man who knew too much

At the height of the cage match between Infosys Founder N. R.