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Cut & Thrust: Ghosts of the past cannot be buried at CBI

In the night of long knives, after NSA Ajit Doval confabulated with top PMO officials, around 1 am, NSA Ajit Doval summoned DoPT Secretary C Chandramouli and Additional Secretary PK Tri

Disequilibrium: Straw Man has to fight Modi politically

Transposing the learning from the Bofors case, whi­ch capsized his father Rajiv Gandhi in the late 1980s, Rahul Gandhi believes with Rafale he can wing it to scupper Narendra Modi.


Pandit Nehru’s sounding board and information gatherer on the Princely States was undoubtedly Dwarkanath Kachru. Like V P Menon later, he worked tirelessly to examine the state of the States.


Back in 2009 when the Congress returned to power with 206 seats, many political pundits reckoned that Rahul Gandhi had left his imprimatur on the hustings with his party bagging 21 seats in UP.

Disequilibrium: DISTURBIA

Mass migration and rampant urbanisation have left urban agglomerates creaking as civic amenities have broken down under the sustained human onslaught.


In the controversial journey of Yes Bank, there is a family drama replete with emotion and name calling, a tragic death followed by a deep divide with its genesis in a visceral hatred, a quantum of

Disequilibrium: Long Shadow Over Shadow Bank

What happens when the unequivocal recitation of truth birthed by avarice, human fragility and error becomes a festering sore.

Disequilibrium: Ninjas bung in a monkey wrench

In the 1990s in UTI, greed and avarice entered the calculus, a few decisions taken by the management became the genesis of the problems faced by a drowning US-64.

Freedom Files: Troika That Brought Princes To Heel

The Holy Trinity — Lord Mountbatten, last Viceroy of British India, Congress heavy hitters Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel — that subjugated the defiant Indian Princes who refused to come to heel

Cut & Thrust: RUPEE ROUT sends distress signals

It is a question bothering everyone – why is India unable to defend the rupee despite having $400 billion in foreign exchange reserves?