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Disequilibrium: THE 300 CONUNDRUM

It is ‘MeToo’ of a different kind (not the contemporary scurrilous version), the dogs are off the leash and the drum roll has begun.

Disequilibrium: HUMAN METRONOME

The Great Indian Vote Kumbh is up and running as Hindu religiosity becomes the number one draw, from Sabrimala to Ram Mandir, its reverberations shrill and divisive.


Sense of alienation and exclusion is leading to a groundswell of anger building up among common folk and impressionable minds who will be first time voters next year.

Disequilibrium: Achilles syndrome

An analysis of the BJP versus Congress vote share in the Hindi heartland reveals that Modimania is far from being history even t

Disequilibrium: Roiled Bank of India

The emasculation of individuals and institutions continues with a degree of brazenness hitherto not seen, with the political class riding roughshod when faced with a difficult adversary not willing

Disequilibrium: HINDU UNIFIER MODI

The fox is out of the cage and the hunt has begun. There is trepidation and anticipation depending on which side of the political divide you stand on in a rabidly polarised India.

Disequilibrium: Unmade in India

Dreams and reality are often conflated, that is the essence of magical realism. Emma Allman describes it succinctly – Magical realism can feel more nebulous than your average genre.

Disequilibrium: DIABOLIQUE

A dysfunctional government always resembles the theatre of the absurd. All attempts to kibosh this maladjusted system often result in more flaws and warts appearing.

Cut & Thrust: Fetters required for Kohli-Shastri

Under the new cricket dispensation in India, only three selectors were appointed, with one of them being the chairman.


“Get ready for a broken arm.” Oz skipper Michael Clarke displaying characteristic Australian machismo threatened James Anderson during an Ashes Test match.