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Freedom Files: Troika That Brought Princes To Heel

The Holy Trinity — Lord Mountbatten, last Viceroy of British India, Congress heavy hitters Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel — that subjugated the defiant Indian Princes who refused to come to heel

Cut & Thrust: RUPEE ROUT sends distress signals

It is a question bothering everyone – why is India unable to defend the rupee despite having $400 billion in foreign exchange reserves?

Disequilibrium: Modi Veers Towards Political Solution

Aconcerned prime minister Narendra Modi is working on fixing what is completely broke.

Freedom Files: THE NAYSAYERS

It is not that the Princes were always the vilified villains. And nor were all of them debauched despots and tyrants.


I first met Shivinder Mohan Singh when at HT we broke the Rajan Nanda owned Escorts Hospital sale to Fortis for Rs 600 crore and change.

Cut & Thrust: Malik mystique in Kashmir

Most people are curious as to why Satya Pal Malik has been sent to J&K as governor at this crucial time. The general reaction being Malik, who?

Disequilibrium: LOTTO 2019

The grammar of Indian electoral politics is steeped in unpredictability; the 2019 hustings is a face off between polarising Hindu dominance and a rag tag bobtail outfit comprising oppos

Disequilibrium: Hindu chauvinism Meets khichdi headlong

In 2014, after the Congress debacle which resulted in their worst ever performance in a Lok Sabha poll, the party was at its wits end thinking that the world had taken a turn for the surreal.


Ajit Wadekar was a reluctant cricketer, but he certainly got results for India, both as captain and in his avatar of manager many years later. Once he took to the game, he went right to the top.

Disequilibrium: Hindu the new centrifuge in Hindustan

Talk of the law of diminishing returns kicking in abounds as the political mercury begins to soar in the lead up to 2019.