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Cinema Scope: Many roles of the director The year was 1991. Shah Rukh Khan was yet to make his debut and Laxmikant Pyarelal still ruled the roost.
ScreenSavour: The 70mm question A recent post on Facebook bemoaned the decline of film appreciation culture in our country that has led people to pass over good cinema in preference to run-of-the mill output.
Screensavour: Two Sad As outpourings of grief on the death of Vinod Khanna keep flooding the social media and people put up their favourite pictures of one of the handsomest of Indian actors on their posts, sharing their t
ScreenSavour: That elusive simplicity Nothing is simple; simple is difficult,” American producer-director George Lucas of Star War series and other well-known films had remarked once.
Screensavour: Reign of the reel Social media has a unique way of throwing up photos and news of film related matters from both contemporary and olden times.
ScreenSavour: Memoir of a Bygone era Theatre always played a secondary role in the popular imagination of the nation, mainly because of its transient nature.
SCREENSAVOUR: All fluff, no stuff Learning to make films is very easy. Learning what to make films about is very hard,” says George Lucas, famous American film producer and director.
ScreenSavour: The forgotten trailblazer There was a time in Indian mainstream cinema when the heroine and the vamp were two distinct characters, embodying two incompatible value systems.
ScreenSavour: Breaking barriers In 2015, at the age of 27, Chaitanya Tamhane captured the attention of film aficionados the world over with Court, his hugely impressive debut film in Marathi.
ScreenSavour: Nepotism? In a recent talk show on television Kangana Ranaut had accused host Karan Johar for being “a snooty, flag-bearer of nepotism, who was intolerant to outsiders in the film industry.” Later, Johar had de