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SCREENsavour: flavours of iran

If there is one thing that the controversy surrounding India’s Oscar entry Newton’s alleged similarities with an Iranian film Secret Ballot displayed, it is the existence and impact of Iranian cine

Screen Savour: Two way track

Several decades ago, Alfred Hitchcock had commented that he was looking forward to the day when a machine would be invented in which, if you inserted the script at one end, from the other end the f

What it takes to be A director

What does it take to be a film director? How does one learn the ropes to get into filmmaking? Does one need to get into a film school?

SCREENsavour: Let’s toon into...

When we were in school in Calcutta back in the ’70s, we were delighted to learn that an English film featuring Phantom had just got released at a theater.

SCREENsavour: When dots are connected

Recently a 30-minute Bengali short film Bhalobashar Sohor (City of Love) garnered a lot of attention and went viral within a couple of days of its release on YouTube.

ScreenSavour: Manipulative Media

It’s strange how a film from way back in the ’50s reflects on contemporary times.

ScreenSavour: The mad genius

During the Emergency period in 1975-76 the All India Radio, under the diktats of the I&B Ministry, banned Kishore Kumar songs from the radio.

ScreenSavour: It’s all relative

The recent controversy surrounding nepotism in the Hindi film industry vis-à-vis Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan and Karan Johar has thrown up a very old debate concerning the indust

ScreenSavour: Spot the common thread

PM Modi’s recent visit to Israel is being hailed as a major landmark in the annals of Indian diplomatic history.

ScreenSavour: Same, Same but different Decades ago as a kid when I had gone to see the popular romantic comedy, Roman Holiday, for the first time at a theatre in Kolkata, I was startled by the presence of Dev Anand on the screen; the elder