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SCREENSAVOUR: Chronicle of a dilettante

Swapnil’s failure to get into FTII, the premiere film school in Pune, did not deter him from pursuing his dreams.

Mis[s]e en scène

At the end of the trial show of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman (1992), starring Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla, Aziz Mirza the director of the film is reported to have approached the veteran producer-dire

ScreenSavour: Dialoguebaazi

Time was, in Indian mainstream cinema, when a script was just an excuse for a film.

SCREENSAVOUR: Time selective in remembering musicians

At an age when playback sing­ers and musicians drop out of public consciousness at the drop of a scale, it appears quite strange when the social media and FM stations begin to trend yesteryear sing

Ray’s women

In a very poignant moment in Satyajit Ray’s debut masterpiece Pather Panchali (1955), Sarbajaya, the middle-aged mother who manages to hold together her impoverished family against all odds, notice

ScreenSavour: Demystifying Cinema

Way back in 1980 three school friends went to watch the shooting of Amitabh Bachchan Neetu Singh-starrer Yaraana, at the Netaji Indoor Stadium in Calcutta.

SCREENSAVOUR: The Nowhere Girls

What is it that transforms seemingly ‘cool’ youngsters from the West brought up on liberal ethos to suddenly abandon their lifestyles and seek meaning in radical Islam and join the ISIS?

ScreenSavour: Big City Blues

The big bad city had always acted as a temptress to the vulnerable youth from the small town or village who comes seeking his livelihood in its labyrinths.

ScreenSavour: The digital days of filmmaking

Edward Said, a Palestinian-American public intellectual and professor of literature at Columbia University, had once narrated an interesting anecdote in an interview: Before the advent of the compu

ScreenSavour: Easy does it

In the month before his film was slated to be released, Vinay Pradhan (name changed), a debutant filmmaker was in cloud nine.