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Broad, range bound mode continues An old dictum in the market says never fight a trend. So, for all the fears stalking the street, stay long if the market is moving upward, and do not try to predict when the trend will end.
More consolidation ahead Once again, a scare visited Dalal Street last week. It happened on Thursday.
Keep Focusing on Bank Nifty Will what looked like a profit-booking move end up as a corrective move? That’s the fear derivative traders are nursing now.
Retail investors show change in attitude Every bull market comes with its own set of characteristics. In every Bull Run there are some sectors, which hit the limelight and get stratospheric valuation.
Futures trends hint at correction in Nifty 50 The partying on bourses may take a break for now. If equity derivative trading in futures and options is an indication, a correction of around 200 points on Nifty 50 in the near term is on the cards.
Another round of consolidation Last week was largely bullish, with good market breadth and index movements.
Keep booking profit It was a week in which the index had corrected marginally, but if you ask any trader or retail investor whether he had felt the correction, the most likely answer would be no.
Wait for earnings reports If last month belonged to call option buyers, this month belongs to neither call option buyers nor those with long positions in put options.
Putting indices to use The two stock exchanges, BSE and NSE, have come up with several sectoral indices in the last 15 years.
Straddle your moves this week A comparison of the macro-formation on the charts and the Nifty’s intraday reaction to news flows would indicate the market is waiting for a positive trigger to go into a breakout.