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Checking MF report card

Around seven months back, in November, this column had advised equity mutual fund investors to get out of schemes that had not been doing well.

Feeble signals give no clear trend

After a couple of weeks of break in which it appeared that the selling pressure in mid-caps was over, the segment once again came under pressure last week.

Wait for directional moves

This is the week of June contracts expiry. The best option this week would be not to trade or take any large bet.

See-saw moves may remain

After many weeks of correction, the market got a reprieve last week, along with signs of convergence between the main market and mid-cap stocks, as the former moved up and the latter stopped fallin

Straddles to the aid in range-bound market

As the market moves in a range-bound mode and generates expectations of sharp counter moves on the second day, traders are advised not to sell out-of-the-money options to collect small premiums.

Intra-day & overnight volatility to increase

Usually, both index and individual stocks show stable movements in the first week of a new derivative series.

Be a covered contrarian

Down one day and up next day. Probably, last week’s Nifty movements served another reminder to traders that generating trading return is not easy in certain phases.

Leave index alone

Most investors look at the benchmark indices to know how the stock market is faring, and accordingly take a call on entering or exiting the market.

Bulls to face pressure

The way the May series ended, scaring the bears away from the Street with more than one per cent increase just hours before the expiry of contracts, shows the bulls are not in a mood to cede ground

Options to the rescue

While options are a good way to take exposure to equity indices and stocks, in some scenarios, they practically become the only route for equity exposure.