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Still more pressure left

The market literally had a roller-coaster ride last week. Thankfully, the highly volatile week wound up with a less than half per cent cut in the Nifty.

A wager on PSU banks

In the last ten years, probably only two years, 2009 and 2013, qualify as being the best years for equity investors. Paradoxically, nothing was going right for the market in those years.

Wait for right signals to appear

Last week was the sixth one in a row where traders with put options made gains, as the Nifty slipped and broke the low it had formed earlier in February.

Volatility to intensify

The Nifty lost 225 points last week, but the decline in individual stocks was far more than what the Nifty could reflect.

Brace for more volatility

It was yet another week in which the Nifty could not fully capture the market’s mood and sentiments. On a weekly closing basis, the Nifty has lost just 33 points.

Stay hedged to guard against sharp moves

The March series started on a bullish note with the Nifty logging gains on day one, but it could not sustain the momentum, as the broader market was weak.

Short-term buy signals emerging

Like in most part of this month, last week also saw bears dominating the market.

Back to neutral strategies again

After many months, the February series ended with a decline of more than 5 per cent.

Strangle the volatile phase

The Nifty’s narrow, range-bound moves last week favoured neither out-of-the-money call option buyers nor put option buyers. Most probably, straddle sellers had gone home happy.

Volatility to dominate

Let’s look at what happened in the last seven days. US bond yields, which are critical determinants of US interest rate direction, went up further, which is a negative for the market.