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Enjoy the party, but with stop loss

After six months, the Nifty breached its late January record high and formed a new peak in a convincing manner on Friday.  But good that we don’t have an index to gauge the actual sentiment on

It’s Time to take a call

With the Nifty and Bank Nifty touching new highs, option buyers had a good time last week. After a long time, traders were having second thoughts about rolling over their short positions.

Stay away from positional trade

After a long time, traders focussed on individual stocks surely felt better last week.

Don’t catch a falling knife

The Sensex has ascended a new high last week. And its peer Nifty is close to accomplishing a similar feat.

Consolidation in the offing

Friday morning presented an interesting contrast. Most business dailies had two prominent news stories on the front page. The first was Sensex touching a new high, with the Nifty almost there.

Stay bullish with protection

While the Sensex has formed a new high and entered into uncharted territory, the Nifty is closely behind.

Earnings-led volatility expected

The first week of July would have appeared as a good start for the equity market since the Nifty had closed the week with a gain of 78 points.

Time to focus on stock options

Despite the early week scare, call option buyers who had the guts to buy calls in a market correction had got good short-term returns last week.

Stay with hedged covered calls

While volatility is part and parcel of the expiry week, it usually happens before the event or on the day of derivatives contracts expiry.

Volatility to remain at elevated levels

Finally, two sessions of  the past week showed some convergence between the Nifty and the broader market. On Wednesday and Thursday, the benchmark index declined—the decline wer