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Misleading Indicators

Most investors come to the equity market with a notion that it is an easy place to make money. True, equity as an asset class tends to outperform other asset classes over the long-term.

Range- bound moves with a bullish bias

For the second week in a row, trading on the bourses was limited to four sessions, but accompanied by good market breadth.

Go with neutral to bullish strategies

The broader market indices stood their ground last week,  refusing to go down at the close. Compared to that, the Nifty saw recovery from the day’s low on three days.

Keep an eye on international markets

Most short-term traders have made good money in the last two weeks, as some convergence between Nifty moves and market breadth was restored after a gap of about six months.

Diversify exposure to different sectors

We had yet another week in which call option holders made gains and the Nifty made another attempt to break its previous high after correcting in tune with international markets.

Consolidation likely before next move

For second consecutive week, both Nifty and market breadth moved in tandem and the divergence between sentiment and indices narrowed.

Adopt corrective phase strategies

The Nifty is in a new territory and most stocks ended the week with gains. But for Friday, the market went up on all days and the stock futures segment remained positive.

Time to bet on index

Stock indices are scaling new peaks on the leg-up given by abundant liquidity. It would now be hard for retail investors not to get carried away by this seasonal upswing.

Bullish consolidation continues

Text books say the equity market  should fall when interest rates go up. Last week, RBI has increased the interest rate, but the equity market did not correct.

Stay with neutral to bullish strategies

As the Nifty touched new highs, investors and traders who had loads of mid- and small-cap stocks in their portfolios also got some relief last week.