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Budget: does it matter? Every year, fears and expectations grip the market ahead of the Union Budget. The irony is that most of the time, expectations are not met and fears are proven wrong.
Stay bullish, but stay hedged The market is going into the budget week with a fair degree of optimism. This was more than evident from the way bears covered their short positions on Wednesday and the surge seen in open interests.
Bulls may cover more distance The first hints of what the new US president would bring to the emerging markets came on Thursday.
Start preparing for budget & stay hedged It was another week where fortune favoured traders with long positions in call options from the January series.
His ability to take tough decisions critical In all likelihood, Dalal Street will react positively to the elevation of N Chandrasekaran.
Buy-buy months The first half of a calendar year is critical for stock investors as it tends to have a bullish bias. Often that is a trap for trend-sniffers and quick-buck seekers.
Have long exposure to call options After almost eight straight weeks, luck finally favoured traders with long positions in call options.
Bulls will need more push The Street sentiment was better last week than in the previous week, though the pace of Nifty’s rise was slower.
Never sell options without hedging them Options, both call and put, are probably the only instruments that price in the emotions of fear, greed and hope that rule the equity market at any given point.
Dawn of a volatile year The year 2016 could be split into two neat packs. In six months, the Nifty closed above its opening range. And in the rest of the six months, it closed below the opening range of each month.