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It pays to go contrarian

Being a contrarian would pay even  this year. That's the impression one gets after seeing the first trading week of the New Year.

Get ready for a roller-coaster ride

The year 2019 would be defined by volatility, which essentially means that the new year wouldn’t be much different from what the last 12 months had been for the Indian equity market.

Year may see cost of hedging going up

In the derivative market, it is the option sellers who make money most of the time. But when they get hit on the wrong side, their loss is pretty bad.

Focus on bank stocks & index

The Nifty had lost just 51 points last week, but the index’s intra-week movements gave enough jitters to traders having both long and short positions, as the Nifty moved in both directions.

Rollover to create volatility

Till Thursday, it appeared the Indian market would deliver another week of outperformance against developed markets and other Asian peers. The market mood was upbeat.

Buckle up for swings

Asset prices mostly move in a trend. They either move up, down or sideways with periodic breaks. Every investor or trader is comfortable dealing with these trends.

Focus to turn back on global trends

The market has a tendency to surprise even veterans of the trade. Some market surprises will be remembered and factored in for years on end. The eventful last week held many such surprises.

Volatile with a bearish bias

Despite positive macro developments, the Indian market went into a corrective mode last week.

Go for put and then call

A key purpose of derivatives instruments is to give a protective cover to one’s trade against event risks.

Market readying for a directional move

Last week, the short-covering rally during the November series expiry took the bears by surprise. The bear operators had a busy day on Thursday, making haste to cover their positions.