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Focus to turn back on global trends

The market has a tendency to surprise even veterans of the trade. Some market surprises will be remembered and factored in for years on end. The eventful last week held many such surprises.

Volatile with a bearish bias

Despite positive macro developments, the Indian market went into a corrective mode last week.

Go for put and then call

A key purpose of derivatives instruments is to give a protective cover to one’s trade against event risks.

Market readying for a directional move

Last week, the short-covering rally during the November series expiry took the bears by surprise. The bear operators had a busy day on Thursday, making haste to cover their positions.

Start hedging for an event risk

After eight weeks, call option buyers heaved a sigh of relief last week. Notably, there was short covering in some good but controversy-hit financial sector stocks.

Season’s cues

The September quarter earnings season is now behind us and weighty analyses of corporate performance have also subsided.

Consolidation in a broad range

Despite favourable macro developments, indices witnessed correction last week.

Stay hedged against higher volatility

After two consecutive weeks that gave good gains to traders with long positions, last week saw traders with put options gaining and looking forward to more gains.Their optimism comes from the fact

Range-bound moves to persist

For yet another week, the Nifty had remained range-bound, but with underlying volatility.

Still stay with covered calls

The Nifty's zig-zag move for the large part of last week was a double-edged support for the derivative traders, as that presented an opportunity for contra trade, with quick, high returns.