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Expect range-bound and volatile moves

The Nifty ended last week with a gain of just 123 points, which is nothing significant, as one percent moves on a weekly basis is common. That’s the index side of the week.

Have some put options and stay hedged

The time values in both call and put options, seen right before the budget, clearly indicated heightened hedging activity is going on in the market.

Reputation is the key

There are more than 5,000 listed stocks on the Indian stock, exchanges with various qualitative traits, like good, bad and ugly.

Volatility seen even in trading range

The week before last, the Nifty was trading close to the upper end of the trading zone in which it had been moving for the last two months.

Yet more range bound moves

Unlike in the previous weeks, the Indian market showed more weakness compared to the international markets last week, as the mid-cap stocks remained mostly under pressure.

Stay covered and hedged

The Nifty zig-zag moves in the last eight weeks have made trade a bit easy; buy the Nifty when it moves towards the lower end of the range--which is anywhere close to 10,650-- and sell it, or even

Range-bound moves to continue

The Nifty witnessed yo-yo moves in the entire five trading sessions last week.

Time to focus on stock options

While derivative instruments are always good hedging tools for traders, they also suit retail investors during the earnings season.

Get a slice of global market

Around the same time last year, the market was on a roll. It then appeared that nothing could possibly go wrong with the Indian market in 2018.

Intra-day volatility may spike

The first week of the New Year was no different from the weeks or months before. Volatility and negative news flow persisted as in the last three months.