Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
You are what your emotions are The explanation of unconscious facial expressions is representative of questioning idioms.
The composite symphony of emotions It is the foundation of language — that nouns represent chattels and verbs their function. The result is the basis, or heart, of our expression in its literal panorama.
The art of being present in the fleeting present The essence of time, along with space, holds the fulcrum to metaphysics. It finds representation in a multitude of things that exists in nature too. How?
No point in letting life get to you When something goes wrong, somewhere; when someone does not meet your expectations or fails to live up to your trust and confidence, these parallels have one common thread running through — disappoint
The archetypal core of qualified silence We are all cloaked by noisy distress, and not silence, as our soulful consciousness, or philosophy, would want us to discern, observe and practice.
Optimise your resilience quotient What is it that propels us to persist, surmount impediments, or hold-ups, that subjugate the not-so-organised and less steadfast folks? Self-discipline.
The higher purpose of being oneself When we examine life around us, we have a dilemma in figuring out how-to extend our empathy to others and attain harmony.
Mind the body & balance the mind Most of us are familiar with the idiom that best describes stress — “fight-or-flight” response.
Stay in harmony with nature It’s a fact of contemporary life that you and I are more or less, less or more, detached from nature.
That divine mosaic of art and science Our old, inborn fancy to present complex explanations as a synthesis of “we-contra-others” is thought to be flawed, especially in our modern, technologically advanced world.