Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
Go on, spread some happiness around You are cool, calm and collected when you comprehend your own feelings. All of us can attain such a state without being Zen masters by accommodating our and others’ sensitivities and sensibilities.
Of body, brain and placebo effect While most theories on human nature were based on conscious experience, the cascading impact of new scientific thought has pigeonholed them as pre-scientific hearsay, or folk psychology.
Of life’s essentiality and synchrony It is no big deal to think of psychology as the study of human consciousness and behaviour.
Realistic essence of our being Realistic imagery, or inner vision, is insightful knowledge, that it is a tad archaic, yet it is also a new ‘technology’ of the soul.
Being emotional serves you well The whole fulcrum of psychologist Daniel Goleman’s articulation for emotional intelligence is based on a perceptively original synthesis of research, including new insights into the brain architecture
Belief is the key to your conviction Belief is a weighty keynote in the writings of our philosophers and thinkers. It is part and parcel of our religion and spiritual tradition.
Moderation is the key to success The great Greek philosopher Plato often asserted that too much of a good thing was not only bad, but dangerous.
Mind-body balance & gene expression While consciousness studies, psychodynamics and integrative psychology have shed new light on the old, unified fields of mind, body and soul, new research on the biochemical factors of emotion — neuro
Soul consciousness and reason The soul, in the philosophical writings of ancient Greece, has a modern corollary — it connects to consciousness and mind, aside from mind-body and body-mind intelligence.
The good, the bad and the ugly Most of us allocate a great deal of attention to our conscience — although the whole idea of its significance is subject to a host of factors.