Purnendu Ghosh
The writer is a biotechnologist and ED, Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur
My Stories
A little chaos can make life exciting It is hard to imagine life without chaos. Of course, our brains enjoy reacting to predictable ways, but they also enjoy reacting to unpredictable ways.
Why waste life hating when love opens doors? Hate, like love, is an all-consuming passion. It often represents extreme behaviour and is linked to aggression. Hate could be due to anger, fear or revulsion.
Our minds are selfish as well as cooperative The spirit of festivity is part of our psyche. Diwali has just passed. It is the festival of give and take. How cheerful the festival was is measured in terms of how the market reacted.
Are we becoming way too impatient? Too much expectation makes one impatient. We don’t like to wait. We easily break the queue when stuck in a line. We are not afraid to use the incessant horn when it is absolutely not required.
If life has no meaning, is it even worth living? It is said that meaning is like a large map or web, gradually filled in by the cooperative work of countless generations and meaningful life depends upon our requirement and interest, and is understoo
Why does time fly in a happy mind? Time has no mind of its own. We experience time as we create it in our mind. Time can choose its speed. It can be compressed or stretched. It flies in a happy mind but crawls in a sad mind.
An organisation’s vital sense of self What is a conscious organisation?
Why art and science are natural partners Art is qualitative and is generally associated with emotions. Science is more quantitative than qualitative and is generally associated with intelligence. Science tries to achieve perfection.
Intellectual capital in life’s second innings Many retired people find it hard to slow down in life. Many possess the desire to give back the knowledge and expertise they have accumulated over the years.
Honest feedback helps both parties It is amazing to see how deferential people can become when they interact with their bosses. Bosses are not always right. All bosses are also not necessarily intelligent and knowledgeable.