Purnendu Ghosh
The writer is a biotechnologist and ED, Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur
My Stories
Stable childhood: best gift for a child One of the purposes of education is to produce ‘employable’ graduates. To fulfill this objective, our colleges are offering a variety of courses.
It’s all about the money, honey Money is essential, because in exchange of money, we get things that are required for our survival. All major ideas that rule our life are enacted, almost always, in and around money.
Lovingly packed bags hold contents better The foundational age (from the time we are born to the age 5) is very important.
Hope for fairness in a corrupt space It is said that we are not born corrupt. Our attitude and motive make us so. A corrupt person wants to win at any cost and is willing to pay the price for it.
Are you worth remembering? One of the best inscriptions I have come across in a cemetery was — “They are not dead but gone before.” Coming to terms with the death of a loved one is always difficult.
Just walk beside me and be my friend Friendship is one of those things that give value to survival. Friendship is a space where you can be yourself. A friend sees in you what even you missed.
Music: one of our greatest unifiers Isn’t it fascinating to hear infinite varieties of music from a limited number of sounds? It is because our auditory brain can distinguish various kinds of sounds.
Love or hate can happen at sight Hate, like love, is an all-consuming passion. There are people who love easily. These are also the people who hate easily. One can love a complete stranger. One can also hate a complete stranger.
Err all right, but hiding is wrong We are human, and therefore, prone to making mistakes. We make mistakes in spite of checklists and procedures. But mistakes give us an opportunity to learn.
Eyes are our best social navigators Eyes have a rich vocabulary. They can not only read words and see objects, they can read others’ minds, as well as allow others to read their mind.