Purnendu Ghosh
The writer is a biotechnologist and ED, Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur
My Stories
The search is still going on I am recalling an event that happened many years ago. I was visiting Mathura with my family. After entering the city I asked a passer-by if he knew where Krishna Yadav lived.
Silence makes you aware of yourself Often, we don’t feel the necessity of making contact with the outside world, and develop a reluctance to communicate with it.
Listen long enough and then talk During a conversation, it is always good to remember that another person is also a part of the conversation. One often wonders what is more difficult, talking or listening.
Ethical mind can see the self and others Work is connection, engagement and commitment. It fulfils our monetary, security, social, and ego needs. An important component of a vitally engaged workplace is its leadership.
Should we replace the overutilised? In many ways, organisations are like living organisms. Both use inputs and feedback to grow and produce. Both maintain internal stability, in spite of continuous exchange with the environment.
Death reveals the true colours of life Death is instantaneous but it comes progressively. Some say, death is at the centre, and not at the end of a life. It is not strictly a medical event. Death is both an art and a craft.
Envy is a natural emotion It is hard to accept that we harbour such a socially unacceptable emotion as envy, but envy is natural. Envy gives us ‘unhappy self-satisfaction’.
Why only a few are extraordinary? Why am I not Rabindranath or Einstein? Why is my mind so ordinary? Why some minds understand things so easily? Why am I not fully awake?
Dearth, insecurity go hand in hand There is no escape from scarcity. If you are hungry, it is form of scarcity. If you are lonely, it is another form of scarcity.
The eternal mother-daughter conflict It is said that a man’s brain is larger than a woman’s but a woman uses hers more.