Purnendu Ghosh
The writer is a biotechnologist and ED, Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur
My Stories
Reading is as important as downloading Books are one of the most important places where one finds his ideas, convicti­ons, identity, and language.
Is being good or bad in our control? We might have reso­rted to some sort of dishonesty some time or the other, but we are generally honest.
Want to write, then you must EVERYONE has their own unique writing style. If someone follows the st­yle of anyone else, it is not necessarily plagiarism; the minds may be of different stature, but may think alike.
Applied hopefuls are the best adaptationists Another year has just begun. As in all previous years, we want happiness for ourselves as well as those around us. We want to live in a happy world.
Happiness works best in an illusionary mind Some people are naturally happy and some are naturally unhappy. Some people are happy even when all is not well. Some people are unhappy even when all is well.
Right action is not driven by fear alone We live in a rule-bound world where provisions are made to flout the rules. There are people who flout the rules as a habit.
Often the causes of impatience is internal Day by day we are beco­ming more and more impatient. We have unrealistic expectations from ourselves as well as others. Often, the desire for too much is the cause of our impatience.
Loyalty often tempts us to go wrong way We are generally right, and we feel good when we are right, but we ca­n’t be right all the time. One vie­w is that we are naturally endo­wed to lead a moral life.
Too shy people love themselves too much We are essentially shy people. Our extent of shyness, however, vari­es. Shyness, an essential part of our psyche, becomes evident on our faces and in our deeds.
Horse and rabbit or camel and tortoise? Is there anything that can be truly ‘individual’ or ‘collective’? Can a group exist without individuals, or an individual without a group? It is quite likely that an idea emer­ges from one mind.