Kuruvilla Pandikattu
The writer is a professor of science and religion
My Stories
How to cultivate compassion Imagine the scenario of a fire alarm goes off We zig-zag our way through the corridors, avoiding explosions and walking through clouds of black smoke.
The forgotten hero of science & religion Young students of science will recognise Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, or Gregor Mendel. But most of them have no idea of Georges Lemaître .
Resurrection: God on the hook As the Christians celebrated their greatest feast, it is useful to dwell on the meaning of the resurrection of Jesus.
Existential meaning of one’s suffering As the Christians celebrate the death of Jesus on the cross this week, it is insightful to dwell on the meaning of human suffering today.
Prefer deeds than mere words How do we become more religious? How can we really change other’s religious views and convictions? How do our lives affect those around us?
The number of our friends How many close friends can we have? How does our inner circle shape us? How can we widen our circle of friends?
Singing in tune with nature Many tribals indigenous peoples hold that every plant has its own song. When their healer or shaman has the right to use the song of a particular plant, it is because the plant has given permission.
How to increase our life span There’s a multi-billion-dollar industry devoted to products that fig-ht signs of ageing. Such techniques only go skin-deep.
What really matters in life IN A world that daily throws both curiosities and crises at us, it can be difficult to discern what is important. An unexpected event can render what matters today insignificant tomorrow.
The eternal question of science & religion Well-known physicist Stephen Barr, author of Modern Physics and Ancient Faith has been involved in the intersection of science and religious faith for years.