Kuruvilla Pandikattu
The writer is a professor of science and religion
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Can religion help us protect our planet? Though not factually true, in popular imagination, the relationship between science and religion has been seen conflictual.
Where science and religion overlap Science is far more entangled with a humanistic or religious vision than we might expect, writes Harvard University’s Owen Gingerich in his new book, God’s Planet.
Why is waking up to life important? Waking Up is breaking book on spirituality by an atheist. In its preface, the famous atheist Sam Harris acknowledges that this is the book he actually wanted to write for more than a decade.
The choice between best and worst is ours The relation between religion and violence has always intrigued humans.
If science swapped places with religion In the 17th century, most philosophers were religious believers, whereas today most seem to be atheists.
What we can learn from agnosticism As an agnostic, the American writer David Breeden is aware that agnostics are often seen as fence-sitters — the tepid ones choosing neither hot nor cold.
Why are choices important to life? Our memory is extremely personal, while at the same time, supremely collective. We all have our own particular catalogue of recollections.
In the eternal quest for reality and truth We all know that we live in a three dimensional world. For some time now, serious physicists have been pondering the seemingly absurd possibility that three-dimensional space is merely an illusion.
Is virtual empathy becoming a reality? Are we sophisticated machines? Can artificial intelligence overtake our natural intelligence? More and more often, in different circumstances and for different reasons, this question is raised.
Genuine spirituality means true humanity Every religion promises salvation to its followers. Rarely do we find someone who claims that salvation is experiencing one’s own honesty and integrity. Every religion has a mission.