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Moneyball: Year of Attaining Maturity

In a country where sports is still in its infancy, with miles to run before reaching a decent industry size, most developments during a calendar year can be termed as ‘defining’, or ‘critical’ or ‘

Moneyball: The Curious Case of Rajasthan Royals

When Rajasthan Royals, the underdogs, won the inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008 against all odds, one of the co-owners was overheard jokingly quipping to his business par

IPL 2.0: Break the Curse

There are stories and stories about the Indian Premier League (IPL). Everyone associated with it has a story. And they are true stories.

Moneyball: Badminton scaling new heights

Just recently this column delved on the need for stakeholders in sports other than cricket to stop the quest to be the number two in the country, and instead concentrate on building on their sport

Moneyball: CSK does not need Dhoni

To retain or not to retain. It is the biggest dilemma facing Indian cricket now. With a decade over, one would think the Indian Premier League (IPL) would have got its act together.

Moneyball: Stop the Race to No.2 Sport

Finding Sport No.2 is one of India’s favourite games.

Moneyball: A Basket Case

That’s right, people! India is now home to the Largest Basketball Lesson in the world! #DurantInIndia (Instagram, NBA India).

Moneyball: Money chases running

Recently, Sachin Tendulkar had a serious competition during a press conference.