Kuala Lumpur

Climate change challenge

Next time you wash your hair with shampoo or dip a biscuit in the tea, you might be contributing to another Kerala floods like disaster. Chances are that your shampoo or biscuit may be containing palm oil which is used extensively in almost all the household products from cooking oils to cosmetics but comes at a great environment cost.

CapitalBay makes BetaPitch for Europe, Asia markets

Starting a small-scale enterprise is hardly a cakewalk. Since large corporations extend payment terms to preserve cash flow, suppliers face difficulties in raising more cash to finance the payment term extension. Realising these financial problems for SMEs, few bright minds with banking, finance and economics background in Malaysia got together in 2016, to set up CapitalBay.  The Malaysian fintech startup helps provide cashflow to startups and SMEs using a multi-bank supply chain finance platform.