$20 billion revenue from global tourists: WEF

India’s travel and tourism industry has a potential opportunity of receiving $20 billion additional revenue from international tourists and creation of one million additional jobs if it grows international arrivals to 20 million, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

A white paper released by WEF, found that India has to focus on its opportunities and understand its current limitations to realise its objective of welcoming over 15 million foreign tourists by 2025 and becoming the largest aviation market by 2030.

Country’s BPM sector to rake in revenues of $55b by 2015: Nasscom

Nasscom has set an ambitions revenue mandate for its member companies in the business process management (BPM) space.

The sector will rake in revenues in the range of $50 to $55 billion by 2025, against $30 billion revenues during fiscal 2017, the apex body said.

Going forward, new growth engines like business data analytics, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, DevOps and cyber security, among others, are going to be the key drivers of this quantum growth in BPM, said Raman Roy, chairman, Nasscom. 

Bachchan’s flair for investment equals his skill on silver screen

Shahenshah of Indian cinema Amitabh Bachchan turned 75 on Wednesday. Reams have been written about his enviable success on the big screen as well as telly tube. But not much is known about the ace investor in him.

Bachchan is a bold investor. He has an uncanny knack to pick medium and small cap stocks that will give big returns. His well-known investments include those in Just Dial, Nitin Fire Protection Industries, Stampede Capital and Fineotex Chemicals.

High testosterone levels cause market fluctuations: Study

High testosterone levels can cause stock market traders to overestimate future stock values and change their trading behaviour, leading to dangerous price bubbles and subsequent crashes, according to a study.

In the US, the majority of professional stock market traders are young males and new evidence suggests biology strongly influences their trading behaviour, researchers said.

Driverless cars give engineers a fuel economy headache

Judging from General Motors Co.’s test cars and Elon Musk’s predictions, the world is headed toward a future that’s both driverless and all-electric. In reality, autonomy and battery power could end up being at odds.

Infosys treats, trains new recruits like fighter pilots

When Infosys set out to remake its internal training programme, instructors visited flight schools to see how professional pilots are taught to deal with fast-changing situations. That led India’s outsourcing giant to model classes on flight simulators that teach recruits to work faster, think for themselves and anticipate corporate customers’ needs. They’re put through multiple scenarios, and no two training days are alike.

Manoj Bhargava, the billionaire with rural solutions

Billionaire Indian American businessman, philanthropist and innovator Manoj Bhargava (in pic) believes that those who have wealth are obligated to serve the less fortunate.

It is in pursuit of this philosophy that he has brought three innovations to the land of his birth — HANS Powerpack, an electricity provider, RainMaker, a water provider and Shivansh that guarantees free fertiliser. The three simple products and ideas designed for rural India have the potential to change the lives of people unable to access electricity, water and fertilisers.

'Nudge' theorist Thaler wins Economics Nobel

US academic Richard Thaler, who helped popularise the idea of “nudging” people towards doing what was best for them, won the 2017 Nobel Economics Prize on Monday for his work on how human nature affects supposedly rational markets. Influential in the field of behavioural economics, his research showed how traits such as lack of self-control and fear of losing what you already have, prompt decisions that may not have the best outcome in the longer term.

Online hiring looks positive with onset of festival season

With the onset of festive season, recruitment activities by India Inc have started looking positive and are expected to continue growing for the next six months. Online hiring in September registered 15 per cent year-on-year growth, while the net employment outlook for the coming six months is expected to see an incremental growth, find studies.

The Monster Employment Index found 15 per cent growth in online hiring in September. Of the 27 industry sectors monitored by the Index, 22 sectors saw increased demand.