Raise a storm over a cuppa on an artpiece

Next time you pay a visit to your nearby Barista outlet you can have a coffee and raise a storm over a cuppa on a modern, traditional or contemporary painting or artpiece and if you fancy one of them you can actually buy it as well. Barista, a leading chain of espresso bar in south east Asia, has teamed up with AnYahh, a Delhi-based premium art gallery that deals in a vivid variety of modern and contemporary art by budding Indian artists.

The concept of café cum gallery has proved a great success, giving unrivalled exposure and market presence to AnYahh! House of Aesthetics, making it one of the largest art brands in the region, top officials said. “It will be a completely win-win situation, not just for Anyahh! House of Aesthetics and Barista, but also for art lovers across India, as we will be bringing in original, affordable art nearly to their doorstep through this brand association,” said Asheesh Sethi, Founder, Anyahh.

In the new scheme of things, original paintings from the house of Anyahh! House of Aesthetics will be seen adorning the walls of Barista cafes in many major cities and towns of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Pune, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Karnal, Mysore, Dehradun and Brindavan. Diners visiting Barista now have the unique opportunity to view and enjoy works of art from upcoming talented artists and purchase a painting from the café, said Sethi.

Founded in 2005, AnYahh has all along been striving to add a new dimension to the art scenario by regularly developing a refreshing collection of trendsetting art work. It offers an elaborate range of affordable art genres in the form of original paintings- traditional, contemporary, folk art, Madhubani, organic abstracts, geometric abstracts, city arts and so on. Through its association with a popular café chain like Barista, it is attempting reach out to a larger audience and strengthen its positioning as an art brand. Anyahh! House of Aesthetics has its presence and is a premiere art brand in Dubai as well. Quite interestingly, the price of the paintings at the Dubai gallery is identical to their price in India, making it extremely competitive, allowing patrons to own a piece of original art at the price of an expensive print.

Through its association with Barista, AnYahh is also keen on coming up as a vibrant source of home décor and unique gift ideas. Also on offer from AnYahh’s stable are cushion covers, art trays, table mats, time pieces, coffee mugs, mouse pads, pouch, visiting card folder, tote bag, stole and so on. “Mind you, our artists personify dexterous talent and put in their deepest endeavour to come out with trendsetting art, paintings and other artworks,” said Sethi.


Ritwik Mukherjee