Expressions in light

Artist Ashim Ghosh’s Diliet technique creates dynamic artworks that transform into animation from a static state, when exposed to light

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see, spoke Edgar Degas, a French artist famous for his paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings. And no different is the approach with which Ashim Ghosh tackles his subjects for you and me.

To realise that you will have to take some time out of your busy mundane schedule and visit the ‘Panchtattvas: The Road Ahead’ festival at the India Habitat Centre here.

Amid several artistic expressions, the best and the unique part of the expo is the trademark display. Ghosh has used light as a medium to uncover different layers of his artwork that represent sustainability and creatively presents perspectives on the issues of sustainable development.

Although, Ashim has filed several patents — from innovative linguistic systems to wearable technology — he has for the first time put together a dynamic artwork crafted with new proprietary Diliet TM techniques. It’s a unique technique of creating dynamic artworks that transforms into animation from a static state, when exposed to specific light signals.

“Different elements respond to light and dramatically disappear, re-appear and transform in spectacular performances. We witness gradual degradation followed by a resurgent reversal, lit up with hope,” explains Ghosh, as we witness his forest artwork unveiling layers beyond comprehension of the common human brain as different lights embrace the artwork to unfold the hidden tale.

And it’s certainly not bereft of contemporary crises. His artwork draws attention towards the fast disappearance of forests, coastlines, peoples, species, languages, education and love.

So that’s what the great artiste Pablo Picasso said “the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Ghosh’s art not only helps clean out the dust that we accumulate all through our daily grind of life, but also throws a new light to brighten your perspective to see all that is around you with a

new vision.

Ghosh has put in place his three decades of experience in a month-long photography exhibition (Illume) that started on December 1, and is there to stay till December 31. It showcases all that has travelled together across India and the world representing an ideology, a mindset and a belief.

The exhibition fosters work of artists in the form of photographic displays, workshops, and films that focus on five primitive elements —earth, air, water, ether, and fire.

His idea of sustainable, he explained — and which also was quite visible in his work — underlines challenges like illiteracy and gender inequality among others that are plaguing the nation.

“What is the first road towards sustainable development,” he asked, as he looked at one of his two similar photographs superimposed with Hindi alphabets – one of which had alphabets inversely written — with an underprivileged kid in the background.

The answer was obvious. Education. No development can be sustained without the foundational support of literacy and education across each strata of society. “This is where Shabdkoshish® and funkhel come in to place.” Saabdkoshish is a popular online word game website and funkhel is an app available on both IoS and Android.

Ghosh’s efforts to help people learn not only represent his endeavour towards addressing issues related to reading and writing but also his love for languages.

The online game, Shabdkoshish ( and the app are the copyrighted system that enables Hindi and several other languages to be played in contemporary word game formats. It has a host of innovative educational technologies and play way resources to learn and teach South Asian languages.

“These encourage the right to read and write to facilitate the beginning of a deeper engagement,” he observed.

Since 1984, Ghosh has featured his work at diverse locations, galleries, museums, festivals of India and other creative festivals, across India and across the world.

A man of many parts, Ghosh has filed several copyrights and patents since 2000. Other than audiovisual artworks and many stories and film scripts, his registered innovations include linguistic systems, designs and technologies that enable word games and diverse play way learning in Indian & Asian languages.

Some of his most cherished copyright possessions include shabdkoshish®, agyashani™, FunKhel™, stacktile™, diliet™, FunGyan™, GianiGK™, Sum Yantra®, audiovisionary™, Kali chaleen vapas Afreeka©kal aaj aur kaal©

It’s a show that spells the beginning of an end to rework itself to rephrase the beginning to complete the circle that’s called life.


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