• May
    By Anuradha Sawhney

    Are you confused whether you should be using a microwave oven or not? There have been many debates on the pros and cons of cooking food in a microwave; while

  • It’s difficult to believe that an entire nation can be contained within one book. Many Roads to Paradise is an encapsulation of the essence of Sri Lanka that includes

  • Mar
    By Bubbles Sabharwal

    It was the evening of Holi. I was taking my golden labrador Cesar for a walk and we both collapsed in the garden on the cool grass

  • Feb
    By Anil Dharkar

    This wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last: During the interval of a Symphony Orchestra of India (SOI) concert, as we made our way to the centre

  • Are you a charming person who easily gains people’s trust, often using it for your own benefit? Do you have a well mapped out plan for most things you do?

  • Nov

    delhi is one of India’s most chronicled and probably most maligned cities. While the former epithet has been established over centuries through an endless stream of travellers —particularly the

  • By Anil Dharkar

    People keep asking me, “What was the high point of the festival?” They are, of course, referring to Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest, whose fourth edition finished just the

  • Nov
    By Shaku Selvakumar

    In 2002, which was a particularly chaotic year for me, I happened upon a conference where I was told by people there to listen to David Whyte, poet, author and

  • Nov
    By Shaku Selvakumar

    Last Sunday I participated in the 5k Komen Race for the Cure for breast cancer with my daughters and friends. We were in the midst of hundreds of

  • By Ranjan Das

    India, despite being the largest film producing country in the world always lacked matured critical writings on cinema as is prevalent in the west. The serious few who have